We support The World Wildlife Fund.

In today’s modern world where we are focused on being financially and materially successful, we must also think about our actions and responsibilities.

The earth we live on has fantastic resources. However, they are finite. It’s important that we all care for the resources and other forms of life that we share this beautiful planet with.

Mr & Mrs Simons have a background and knowledge of construction sustainability and the benefits it brings to everyone. We know that it’s our responsibility as individuals, and as a company, to support initiatives that help in the education and promotion of world conservation.

The Hopi Indians believed in living in harmony with the land they farmed. Whatever they harvested, they would re-plant and put back into the earth so something new could grow. They knew the planet to be a living organism. Mr & Mrs Simons donate a percentage of its income to the World Wildlife Fund. It strives to protect endangered species and works in the conservation and the restoration of natural habitat.