Landlords are our clients. But when we get up in the morning we think about tenants. They’re the people we interact with every day. By delivering a great service to tenants, we deliver everything our landlords want too.

Property Management

For portfolio landlords we take care of complete portfolios, even if the properties are spread over many locations. Portfolio landlords appreciate our ability to cover the widely different requirements of commercial, residential and freehold tenants. Portfolio landlords like having one port of call: legals, maintenance, rent-collection and service-charge issues all covered by one team. Having just one agent on top of all their different properties is great, because their agent is great. And they always get to talk to someone who knows their account. We provide statements tailored to each landlord’s level of detail. We keep costs down. We have our own in-house legal consultant and we are tax-aware. We make life easier for our portfolio landlords by taking care of everything, reporting well and being available. Our management fees are 6% including vat.

Property Letting

All our tenants get an attentive service. So naturally, we have a high level of interest from teams trying to find good homes for their corporate clients. Corporate tenants expect a quick response to any maintenance related issue. As we provide that to all tenants, they all love us. The personal attention we give and the maintenance expertise we deliver makes all our tenants feel properly cared for. The nature of a London corporate tenancy means there’s unlikely to be a renewal as the tenant normally goes back to their home country. However, the company they work for always appreciate our good management and the quality of our properties, so we remain in demand. Our letting fees are 8.4% including vat.

Property Maintenance

Having trusted and insurance backed contractors ensures that maintenance works are carried out to a high standard and keeps the properties well maintained. As our contractors have worked with us for many years we have good relationships and our able to pass on competitive rates to our clients. Regular visits, experts on call and actual listening keep our tenants happy. We do the whole package. And we offer management tailored to each clients requirements and even fixed management fees. Attention to detail and years of maintenance experience enables us to provide a quality service. Our block management includes collection of service charges and ground rent, organising maintenance and scheduling of works. Our day-to-day services include: maintenance surveys, appointing competitive and approved contractors, attendance at resident meetings, preparation and submission of accounts, regular inspections, administration and supervision of insurance, legal work on lease extensions and leasehold enfranchisement.

Commercial Property

We let and manage offices and shops within our clients portfolios. Our in-house legal team deal with lease renewals and other related issues. Maintenance can be particularly urgent in a commercial setting, so it is useful to have our a team of qualified trades.